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Hey There!

We are True Büch Kombucha, an Alberta based craft and small batch kombucha company.

We pride ourselves on brewing delicious kombucha that is never pasteurized using high quality ingredients.

A portion of our sales are reinvested into 8 different community projects. If you want to learn more about where your purchase of our kombucha goes, learn more here.



What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a uniquely delicious bubbly fermented tea elixir with Asian roots dating back over 2000 years. It is full of living probiotics, enzymes and amino acids that are all beneficial for the digestive system.

An easy way to think about it, is that kombucha is to tea what yogurt is to milk.

How long will kombucha last in my growler?

Your kombucha will start to loose it’s delicious fizz after about two weeks in your fridge, but it will still be just as delicious just a little less fizzy. It's good for 5 months! We suggest keeping your lid sealed tight, and you can always re-carbonate it with a Soda Stream!

How often should I drink kombucha?

There is no catch-all recommended “dosage” of kombucha, but we suggest you should start with drinking an 8oz serving of True Buch each day if you are new to kombucha. We are firm believers in listening to your body! It will be key to pay attention to how your gut responds to the live cultures, as everyone will respond differently, and adjust accordingly.

Does Kombucha Contain Caffeine?

Most kombucha does, but ours contains hardly any! Based on our most recent testing, True Büch Kombucha contains less than 1% of a gram of caffeine per 8 oz kombucha, resulting in minute/negligible amounts of caffeine.

Is there sugar in Kombucha?

Our kombucha is fermented using organic cane sugar and organic green and black tea. The SCOBY feeds on the cane sugar and turns it into probiotics. The resulting beverage will always have some remaining fermented sugar in it - approximately 5-7 grams per 8 oz serving.

Have a different question? Visit our FAQ’s page!


What type of tea do you use?

We use a combination of organic black and organic green tea that we source locally from The Naked Leaf, in Calgary Alberta.

What flavours do you have on tap?

Our permanent on tap flavours are:

  • Mealshare Flavour of the Month
  • Ginger
  • Very Berry
  • Vanilla Chai
  • Mojito Mint
  • Blueberry Rooibos
  • Root Beer
  • Hibiscus Ginger
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Cucumber Lime
  • Sunovabüch Iced Tea

What are the nutritional facts of your kombucha?

All of our information about the nutrition facts for our permanent flavours can be found here. Our Mealshare Flavour of the Month information can be found here.

Where else can i fill up my growler?

We are across Alberta with draught stations visit here to find the büch closest to you!