Team  True  Büch at Grow Calgary after a great day of tree planting. 

Team True Büch at Grow Calgary after a great day of tree planting. 


We have made it part of our mission to give back to the community that supports us. We have committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to projects we are passionate about. You'll notice that all of our non-profit partners are local impact organizations which focus on either food or kids - two things we care about deeply.

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Mealshare  aims to end youth hunger within our lifetime and has partnered with local restaurants. When you buy a Mealshare item from a restaurant, a meal is donated on your behalf to someone in need. We chose to partner with Mealshare for our flavour of the month draught kombucha. Every time you buy or fill a bottle of our flavour of the month, a meal goes to a youth in need. Buy one, give one. It's a win-win!

PALS | Pet Access League Society is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of individuals through pet therapy. Our dog, Bob Marley, is a PALS volunteer at Alberta Children's Hospital, and we get to see firsthand how therapy pets can help sick kids feel better. Every time you buy a single serving bottle of ginger kombucha, we donate to PALS to help therapy pets make kids' lives better. 


Be Local (REAP) is a non profit association for locally owned business that care about the community and the environment. REAP's Community Orchards Program plants fruit bearing tree's in places like Grow Calgary. We've been involved with this program for the past year from planting trees to harvesting at Grow Calgary, and donating the food directly to those in need.  Every time you buy a single serving bottle of blueberry rooibos kombucha, we donate to REAP in support of Grow Calgary's community orchard.

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Wymbin  uses the traditional practice of yoga and mindfulness to equip kids in need with the tools to support each other and live healthy, happy, positive lives. Yoga and mindfulness have been a big part of our own lives, and we know what a great benefit they can be for children. Every time you buy a single serving bottle of mojito mint kombucha, we donate to Wymbin in support of free yoga programs for underprivileged kids. 


LeftOvers Calgary rescues food from being thrown in the garbage, and ensure it gets to service agencies in need.   We have been volunteering with Leftovers for the past year and have seen the great impact this organization has made. We love rescuing food, and every time you buy a single serving bottle of vanilla chai kombucha, we donate to LeftOvers to help eliminate waste and alleviate hunger.