Team True Büch at Grow Calgary after a great day of tree planting.

Team True Büch at Grow Calgary after a great day of tree planting.


We have made it part of our mission to give back to the community that supports us. We have committed to reinvesting a portion of our proceeds into projects we are passionate about. You'll notice that all of our community partners are local impact organizations which focus on either kids, animals or the earth - three things we care about deeply.


this one's for the kids

Meal Share.PNG

Mealshare  aims to end youth hunger within our lifetime and has partnered with local restaurants. We chose to partner with Mealshare for our flavour of the month draught kombucha. Every time you buy or fill a bottle of our flavour of the month, a meal goes to a youth in need. Buy one, give one. It's a win-win!

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Orenda Society is committed to providing kids with the opportunity for personal development in a supportive and fun environment through yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities. They aim to help kids live confidently and purposefully. This year we are sponsoring two deserving kids to attend their summer camp.

HSCA Fresh Food Basket.jpg

HSCA Fresh Food Basket is a weekly drop-in food access program for anyone having difficulty accessing the food that they need for a healthy life. The food baskets are free for anyone and no proof of income is required to receive healthy fresh food.


Camp fYrefly is a grassroots organization that provides empowerment, leadership skills, and improves queer youth’s personal resiliency. A portion of our sales from our single serve bottles of kombucha will help to send two queer youth to Camp fYrefly this summer.


this one's for the animals

AARCS-dog (snickers).PNG

AARCS is committed to saving cats and dogs across the province from rural and First Nation's communities with limited to no animal services. They work to provide proper medical care and find their fur-ever homes. Each year we sponsor animals that are in dire need of surgeries to allow them to live full, happy, tail-wagging lives.

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The Alice Sanctuary provides support and care for rescued, surrendered, and abandoned farm animals. 100% of the proceeds from our collaboration with Camp Brand Goods, goes to the Alice Sanctuary. 


this one's for the earth

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TreeEra helps individuals and businesses combat the effects of climate change through community-funding the planting of trees. We are proud to be partnered with TreeEra to plant 1000 trees a year to help offset our carbon footprint. 

Bullfrog Power.PNG

 Bullfrog Power puts sustainable energy back into the grid, which helps us offset our carbon footprint from our brewery. Through Bullfrog Power we are able to continue our commitment to a sustainable business model and practices.